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  • What types of art classes are offered at Rainbow Art Class?
    Experienced art teacher Mrs Bose will guide children in a colourful exploration of drawing and painting, using watercolour, acrylic, oil pastels and pencils. Suitable for creative kids aged 5 to 12.
  • If I miss a session at Rainbow Art Class, can I make it up?
    Casual bookings cannot be cancelled or re-scheduled . The credit for the missed class can be used by the child to make a walk-in with prior notice to the teacher Mrs Bose so that seats can be reserved accordingly.
  • How do you get charged if the instructor is sick or the class is cancelled due to unprecedented issues ?
    If the instructor is sick or the class is cancelled due to an unprecedented issue, then the refund will be processed in this situation. For example in situations where in a particular Thursday in a month, the instructor is not available, then for that day, refund will be processed. $15 will be refunded in this scenario. Alternatively a coupon code can also be given to the parent which will be adjusted in the upcoming monthly fees.
  • What materials do I need to send with my kid to the Rainbow Art Class?
    The child needs to only bring an art smock or an old T shirt or jacket so that the clothes do not get stained with colour. All necessary materials are already provided in the Rainbow Art Class. Your child will have access to high-quality art supplies, such as paint, brushes, pastels, colored pencils, and more. We encourage our students to bring their creativity and a willingness to learn new skills, but otherwise, leave the supplies to us.
  • I can’t commit to a regular art group, what else can I do?
    At Rainbow Art Class, we offer casual walk-in options for those who cannot commit to a regular art group. We understand that not everyone has the time or resources to commit to a weekly class, and we want to ensure that everyone has access to the joys of art. If you cannot commit to a regular art group, you can book a casual class. At Rainbow Art Class, we believe that art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their schedule or level of experience. We look forward to helping you discover the joys of art!
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